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Q: Do I have to accept a Swedenborgian faith to pass modules?

A: No, but you may not find it an enjoyable experience if you cannot at least assimilate the ideas.  Swedenborg tells us that we recognise truth according to our state at the time so the learning experience is different for all students.

 Q: Will I be able to meet the standards?

A: Every help and encouragement is given from the time you first contact the centre. You will soon be able to answer the question for yourself.

Q: Do I need any previous qualifications to study with the Centre?

A: No.  Anyone can start by studying an Introductory or Level 1 course. 

Q: Do I need to sit an exam at the end of the course?

A:  Many courses end with an oral assessment that helps you consolidate your learning.  These are not compulsory, but you will not receive a certificate of achievement if you do not take the assessment.  Oral assessments are viewed by many students as an enjoyable part of the learning process.

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