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If you are thinking about studying with us, here are some points to ponder:

  • Our courses are structured so that you can complete a lesson, called a session, each week.  A quarter module then lasts for eight weeks, or a half module for sixteen weeks.

  • However, many of our students and groups prefer to study at a slower speed than this.

  • Courses are delivered to you by the internet or post. The choice is yours.

  • A session generally involves reading, reflection and answering questions in given task boxes.

  • Questions require anything from short, quick answers to longer prepared responses.

  • Sometimes opportunities are given for you to choose to express yourself in artistic, poetic, dramatic or musical ways if you have any individual skills.

  • Some courses require specific books. Often these are available on loan from the Centre.

  • Each session states its aims at the beginning and gives you a check list of ‘Learning Outcomes’ at the end. These are to help you to assess your progress.

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