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  The Swedenborg organisation in the UK:

The Spiritual Wisdom site uses Swedenborg's insights to help explain the meaning of our lives.
The General Conference site gives information about the organisation of the UK-based Swedenborgian churches.
The Lifeline Online site provides access to Lifeline, the monthly magazines of the General Conference.
Purley Chase is the UK's Swedenborgian centre for spiritual exploration, retreats and conferences.
The Swedenborg Society prints and publishes Swedenborg's writings in the UK and supports the translation of the writings from the original Latin into English and many other languages.
The Swedenborg Movement promotes an awareness and appreciation of the holistic, non-judgmental spiritual insights and experience of  Swedenborg.
The Apocalypse of John site displays original designs by G Roland Smith illustrating scenes from the book of Revelation.
 The Spiritual  Questions ezine provides material inspired by the spiritual experiences of  Emanuel Swedenborg and modern writers in spiritual healing and transpersonal psychology.

Other Swedenborgian teaching organisations:

The Swedenborg House of Studies at the Pacific School of Religion envisions ministries of compassion, spirituality and empowerment for the Swedenborgian church and the world.
Bryn Athyn Theological School's purpose is to support the Lord's presence among people by preparing men for the priesthood of the New Church.
Other Swedenborgian church organisations:
The General Church of the New Jerusalem, based in the USA.
The Swedenborgian Church of North America.
The Swedenborg Association of Australia.
Swedenborg's theological works can be accessed on the Internet:
You can search the writings at www.heavenlydoctrines .org.


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